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About Us

Established in 1992, Snowsportsmouth has grown to become one of the largest Athletic Union societies at the University of Portsmouth.

If skiing and snowboarding are one of your passions or you just want to party and surround yourself with the best group of people on the planet, then we are the society for you.

Not only do we offer the best and cheapest trips abroad each year, we also compete at racing events and host socials every week!

But have no fear! If you can't ski or board, we offer lessons at seriously discounted prices so now is your chance!

So if you are a fresher looking for fun, an experienced skier wanting to race or just want to try something new...

Snowsportsmouth is for you!


SSP Committee x


Whether you're a Skier or a Snowboarder you'll know it's not just a sport, it's a mentality. Here at Snowsportsmouth, we embrace the snowsports way of life. Portsmouth may be one of the flattest cities in the UK, but we don’t let that stop us. For £40 you can become part of a society brings together like-minded people, giving you the chance to live like you're in resort week in, week out.

Our aim this year is to keep increasing the popularity of the club by running even better ski trips, whilst encouraging beginners to take lessons and enter the world of snowsports. 

On UK soil, we'll take you up to Sno!Zone @ Milton Keynes or Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre as often as possible, where you can practice and improve your skills. For those of you with a competitive edge, we have two of the best dry-slope slalom race teams across the UK University circuit, with five regional and three national events to compete in.



Snowsportsmouth has a rapidly growing race team with the development of a second skiing team in 16/17. This year we aim to encourage more of our members to try out racing by hosting our race trials as a ‘Meet and Greet’ session where people who are interested in racing and students who just LOVE skiing and boarding can come along to get to know like-minded people.


This will allow members to give racing a try while chilling out and chatting with other members; with the opportunity to develop as part of the Snowsportsmouth race team. We hope to involve more girls in racing giving us the opportunity to start a Ladies ski team, this would be the first time in Snowsportsmouth history and would be incredible to see a Ladies team compete.


The team train at Southampton dry slope once a month, whilst also competing in various competitions throughout the year. The ‘Meet and Greet’ session will be held at the beginning of the academic year where the race teams will be decided for the upcoming season. If racing is something that appeals to you, feel free to contact us to show interest and ensure that we keep you up to date. Come and chat to us at Freshers Fayre and keep an eye on the Facebook page for more updates regarding racing!


The racing calendar kicks off in October with the first of 5 KINGS races, where two ski teams and a snowboard team travel to Brentwood to compete against other universities in the Southern League. November will see the biggest racing weekend in the University snowsports calendar, with all Universities from around the UK making their way to Edinburgh for a weekend of antics to compete in BUDS. To end the season on a high, depending on results, the last race is KINGS finals! All teams that qualify will have the opportunity to compete against each other in order to be crowned top of the KINGS league. You may also be chosen to compete in the beer race too….

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