President - Beth Brown

If our previous president didn’t win you over, he definitely one over this gal! Girlfriend and VP to our amazing president last year Soonsy, along with competing on our race team for 2 years running, Beth has learnt all the tricks of the trade to deliver the best ski society to date. Not to mention she’s really whipped the committee into shape. When she’s not in the mountains she can be found throwing all sorts of shapes in our beloved Astoria basement on a Thursday night. It is also worth noting that this absolute STAR is our very first female president, breaking all da norms!

Vice President - Ben Chandler

If you don't find this man all dressed up in camo pretending to be the next real-life action man, you'll find him on one of his many ski holidays trying to throw 360s and finding cliffs to launch himself down. It's our favourite outdoors poshy and this year's vice president Ben Chandler! He’ll be on the frontlines by assisting our president in running the club and helping make decisions, along with making sure she is sitting nice and comfortably in our meetings. Having been last years race captain, Ben is well experienced in the committee and is going into his third year in the society. A bloke that will well and truly go the extra mile for this club and really dedicate his time to it.


Media Sec - Tom Harrison

He's Irish, he's short and the only difference between him and a leprechaun is that at the bottom of his rainbow, instead of a pot lucky o’ gold, there's just empty bottles of Buckfast and a pit of despair. Meet your new media sec, Tom Harrison. He likes taking photos more than a paparazzi spotting a celebrity nip slip and he also loves his colouring books - which is what makes him the perfect media sec. This man will be in the frontlines catching all the shenanigans from our away days, helping us remember exactly just what actually happened. Not even to mention that he'll be the artist designing our new club tees and merchandise. 
Big up Tom Harrison.

Social Sec - Ben Tame

Introducing this highly rare gremlin that we rescued from deep within the powder, for those unfortunate enough to encounter this kind they may have referred to it as ‘Ben Tame’. This lesser-spotted sesh head is incredibly rare and often only spotted in their natural habitat which is more commonly known as the basement. Recent studies have suggested that this species is extremely determined to make their own kind extinct from all sorts of outrageous behaviour and mishaps. Due to their unparalleled ability to go without sleep on a night out, it was decided that this absolute creature was worthy of taking the helm to guide you through our deepest and darkest adventures from the mountains to their homely basement. With Mr Tame in control of the societies social affairs, we can guarantee you the best nights out in Portsmouth.


Treasurer - Jason Wiseman

After spending 3 years devoted not only to the concrete basement, Jason is a seasoned old boy by racing and seshing for Snowsportsmouth, proving that he is more than ample to take on the role of treasurer. With Jason in charge of the clubs wallet, you’ll be in for a year full of fun, stretching sponsorship and your membership money to a maximum ensuring you’ll get the best stash, experiences and most importantly nights out!

Race Captain - Charlotte Blythe

Rumour has it that when Charlotte was born, she came out dressed in boots pads goggles and guards, ready to take the pole position. Having been a backbone to the first team this year and being the champion for British indoor racing, it only seems right that this speed demon wears the captains cape. Not forgetting to mention that Charlotte’s more reliable than a well chilled Lambrini before a race. She’ll be on form not only on the slopes, but also in organising our away days and the beast of BUDs! We look forward to another great season of high speed sliding with Charlotte at the wheel.


Club Sec - Georgi Meacham

Introducing the glamorous giant ginger that is our new club sec Georgi (Ginge) Meacham. She's loud, she's proud, and she loves being in front of the camera, except this year she'll be behind the screen sorting out all the admin to run the club, along with answering any questions you guys have and securing the sweetest of sponsors for the some next level stash. Legend says that Georgi has always had a beverage in her hand, from the throne to the top of the slopes, this girl’s always been ready to disco. Now in her 4th year of ski, Georgi has put her shift in by racing for the team, while always bringing the good vibes and putting a smile on everyone's face (especially when she's a big hungover mess) making her more than worthy to be on the committee.