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President - Luca Ward

Vice President - Alex "Tuffers" Tuffnal



Club Captain - Angus Morton

Social Sec - Dionne Moore

New Irish heartbreaker Dionne has come to spice up our life as social sec!! Whether she’s on the slopes, the sesh or a group chat, she’s always cracking jokes and lifting spirits. Queen of sending voice notes long enough to be podcasts and using the CrossFit day in day out, Dionne ticks all the boxes were looking for 🤩!!!

This year she will be helping to organise and run our socials, both sober… and non-sober 😉 to give us the best year with snow sports, post-lockdown 🥳. Give her a follow and feel free to ask her any questions you may have about the exciting year ahead.


Media Sec - Shannon King

Introducing our content queen Shan, as your new media sec!!! 🥳. This girl lives for a concrete afters, making sure the crowd always heads in the right direction 😉. If you see her in the streets, be sure to hit her up for a discount code or two….

She’s loud, proud and loves being in front of the camera just as much as she loves being the creator behind the camera. This year she’ll be absolutely bossing all the clubs social media’s so keep an eye out for lots to come 👀
You’ll either find Shan downing a jäger 🥃,starting a mosh pit or passed out asleep in the toilets with a gidas. However, you can count on Shannon to capture all the best moments on socials, trips and events to ensure the night is no longer a blur!

Keep an eye out for this years exciting content and feel free to recommend any new content you’d like to see on the page!

COVID Officer (Captain COVID) - George Robinson

Your new Covid Officer is … George! 🥳

Tackling Covid-19 as well as he tackles the slopes, George is here in a new position within the Committee as Captain Covid to ensure we all get our mountain fix this winter ❄️. 

This man is the human embodiment of a snakebite 🍺. No one really knows how old he is, or how long he’s been in Pompey but it is rumoured that his blood runs purple 💜💜. Although George was taught how to walk by ducks it was Jerry himself that taught him how to carve up the fresh pow pow. 

The word ‘no’ is not in George’s vocabulary. He is always up for anything and will often be the last man standing. He will lead the troops to the after party and ensure none of you remember your names by the end of it. On the eve of George’s 21st he skanked home from concrete in a right state, locked himself out of his room and saw in this momentous birthday by sleeping on the floor with nothing but a stray cat for company. You won’t find a nicer guy. When you meet him, make sure you ask him about the shed…🏚

This year he will be on the front line to guarantee the safety of all our Members at Socials, Competitions and on our infamous SNOWSPORTSMOUTH XMAS TRIP! 🗻⛷🎿❄️. Give him a follow and feel free to ask him any questions you may have about the exciting year ahead.

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