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Date TBC

Join us at the 2021 Freshers Fair in Ravelin Park. We will have our own tent and the committee will be around all day, so make sure to come up and say hello! We will be giving out information all about our club, ready to answer any questions you may have from the Race team to the biggest trip the university has on offer. 

You will also be able to pay for your yearly club membership at the Freshers Fair, meaning we will be able to give you your membership packs on the day! Be the first to get our 21/22 Club T-shirts.


The Student Union has also organised a range of local and national partners to be at Freshers’ Fair, including Domino’s Pizza who will be giving out FREE pizza! 


Date TBC

This year we will be holding an information evening. During the presentation you will find out a bit more about your committee and our job roles, we will also talk about key dates such as when race trials will be and the chill session. The majority of the presentation will be about this years Christmas trip (location yet to be announced 👀). Which will hopefully answer any questions you have about our trip, if not we will be hanging around at the end to help you!


Date TBC

After a rather uneventful and disappointing year, we are looking to bring back the MEET & GREET CHILL SESH to the club calendar! Staying true to our promise to make Snowsportsmouth bigger and better we have decided to throw a little gathering before our Launch Party. We all know how unreliable the UK weather is, so depending on this we will either throw a bring your own food BBQ down on the common or we will change the location to a bar/pub or someones house.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with this event. Bare with us as this is the first time our club is doing something like this but we know it is the start of something great!


Date TBC

Each year, Portsmouth University gets a new batch of freshers even crazier than the last. Every society throws a typical white tee social to kick off the year, but ours is special.  With each ticket, you will receive a 'here's one we made earlier' T-shirt, ready for you to scribble all over and head to pre-drinks on time.


We hire out a venue exclusive to Snowsportsmouth for the night so you can get to know each other and ask us old boys about the club. After you’re sufficiently covered in sharpie, we'll move onto boat races and dance the night away under the snow-canons. We are sure a few of you will have really deep conversations that you won't remember the next day, but the friends and T-shirt will last forever.

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